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Created: 23.03.1998
Updated: 15.03.2009
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Beauty and JulieJulie Summer Dream in Blue von MonreiJulieJeremy Casanova von MonreiJulie and Joanne
Shelties von Monrei

 Julie Summer Dream in Blue von Monrei    Joy Black Beauty von Monrei    Joanne Summer Love in Blue von Monrei    Jeremy Casanova von Monrei    Joanne Summer Love in Blue von Monrei 

Monrei  impressions

After our first winter, in which we invent snow diving, we haven't been less active as we had to teach snow diving to our new friend Emily:



As the second winter draws to an end,
we discovered something new:
Water long jump !






As time is passing: you see us above yet as puppies with our sisters and meanwhile we, Joanne Summer Love in Blue and Julie Summer Dream in Blue von Monrei, are now in age of 9 months - nearly adult - and full of energy.

New sports: 
Snow diving     -  invented by Julie and Joanne.

For larger size click on each photo, please !

Climbing at first,                 then going the whole hog ...         Joanne is locating the best spots

And if there's plenty of action,               Whoopee, that's a pleasure!
you can't see us both any more.

Where is Julie? She wouldn't          Aha, there Julie turns up              Then I can continue calmly.
go into hiding yet !                         again.                                

And where is Joanne?         Already down the mountain?     But then hurry up!

But now I've catched up                      Daddy Freely has always       Our friend Lady is still
with her nearly.                                   overall control.                      a trainee.

At the end paws cleaning is announced.

Julie und Joanne schauen aus dem Fenster

New daybreak, new happiness.
What possibly will the new day make it?
Action, action - pure !!

Our master has difficulty to follow us.           We've a lot of joy with Lady, too!

Joanne - looking for Julie.                            If I make neighbor Snoopy wild,
                                                                 I must turn tail.

Daddy Freely can keep up
very well for his age of ten years!

Our Daddy and our Mummy
are not bad at all - they have really 
fire at her backside.

Now and then we have to get through the correspondence, too.


Sometimes we are good and can stand still, too.


- but not long! Then we continue inside at siesta time. Our Mummy take part full.

Only one doesn't deter from his siesta!