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Created: 23.03.1998
Updated: 15.03.2007
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Life with our shelties

Our passionate hobby is a small, individual sheltie amateur breed

Below the bavarian alps in the lovely Inn valley we live together with our shelties.

Our aim is to breed healthy, well charactered and handsome shelties, so that the owners have a lot of fun with their "family members" for a dogs life. In the early weeks of a litter we spend a lot of time with the small shelties. From the beginning of our breed we were aware of our responsibility of breeding shelties. Our first sheltie was Midnight Magic of Silver Shadow. With this bitch we started our breed. From the first litter with her and Odo von Langauenfeld (breeder: Mr. Heinrich Hinterholzer, Kitzbühel - Austria -) we got our Arina. Now we are breeding Monrei Shelties in the fourth generation. Our breeding name is composed by the first three letters of our christian (given) names.

We do rarely participate at shows, but we prefer agility  in Salzburg - exceptional in winter. Our shelties like that dogs sports.

As the shelties have been a keeping dog they're still a working dog too and need a lot of employment, as we give them with long walking and agility.

Monika Döhne