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Updated: 24.03.2007
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Marilyn 2002 am Gardasee

Marilyn at Gardasee in 2000

Marilyn am Gardasee - Standfoto

Marilyn with autumn impression
Marilyn at Happinger Sea in Rosenheim

Marilyn's puppies Giovanni and Lady
Marilyns puppies Giovanni and Lady
Lady and Giovanni

Giovanni Mozart von Monrei
Giovanni Mozart von Monrei

Marilyn's puppies
Marilyns puppies Giovanni Mozart (left) and Glady Gloria - Lady-

Marilyn and Giovanni
Marilyn with Giovanni

Giovanni Mozart von Monrei
Giovanni at the age of 2

Marilyns Tochter Lady
Marilyns daughter Lady

Glady Gloria Hillary von Monrei

Marilyn with her Monrei friends Beauty and Jamie
Marilyn with Diamond Beauty von Monrei (left) and Captain Jamie von Monrei

Marilyn with Jamie
Marilyn with Jamie

Marilyn with Beauty and Lady
Marilyn with Beauty and Lady

The last photo of Marilyn
The last photo of Marilyn 3 weeks before her death


Shelties von Monrei     

Hommage to Marilyn

Marilyn at the age of 2
Dippersmoor Disruption
- Marilyn -

Austrian Champion und
  Austrian Youth Champion

18.05.1994 - 15.10.2006
Dame: Dippersmoor Don't Know
Sire: Yewdale Golden Flame

Breeder: Barbara Tunnicliffe, GB

Marilyn at Agility
Marilyn at Agility       

If you are looking for me, search for me in your hearts.

If I have a place to stay there, I shall be ever at your place.

(Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Marilyn's Life with the Monrei-Shelties

Marilyn came accidentally to us. At that time the Sheltie breeder Mr. Hinterholzer ("von Langauenfeld") of Kitzbühel, Austria, and we were friends since years. As Annabel von Monrei (from our first litter) lived at Mr. Hinterholzer since 1989, we stayed regularly in Kitzbühel - nearly one time per month. In 1994 Mr. Hinterholzer got ill and stayed for a longer time in hospital. Long before Mr. Hinterholzer came into hospital he ordered a sheltie in England - over his formely friend Audrey F. Chatfiled at Mrs. Barbara Tunnicliffe ("Dippersmoor"). He was mostly looking forward to his new english Sheltie - unfortunately he was not able to see Marilyn as he died unexpected. In the hospital Mr. Hinterholzer said to his wife shortly before he died, that Marilyn should come to us if something  happens to him.

Already nine days after his death Marilyn was on the way by plane to Munic as the shedules have been already fixed before the death of Mr. Hinterholzer. At 26th October 1994, the Austrian national public holiday, we went to the Munic airport early because Marilyn should stay in her transport box no one Minute more as necessary. It was really upset to find the right terminal on the great airport area and to get that personal all worked up to find the transport box with Marilyn at once and to bring it here. The airport personal really made great efforts and brougth us the box at once. Now the great moment was there and our excitement was great as we opened the door of the transport box. How has Marilyn come out of the flight? Was she totally confused or very nervous because of the aircraft noise? Nevertheless a young
sheltie full of the joys of living jumped out and greeted us with a heartfelt wuff-wuff. I and my husband were fascinated of Marilyn from the first moment and have been taken of her self-confidence and her beautiful type and we grew very fond of her.

So Marilyn moved in our life and our hearts; from that day on she accompanied us for 12 years and made our life richer.

     Marilyn at age of 8 months       Marilyn at age of 8 months  
Marilyn at age of 8 months

It's especially emphasizing that she was
from the beginnig to the end a personality who took no bribe in any way. Marilyn has loved people, but some she didn't like from the beginning and she left it at that. So she helped me with the selection of the puppy buyer. With joy I remember as prospective buyers were at our home. As the woman was really kindly and sat down with us but the man was standing the hole time and he didn't impress me at all, and therefore he was no candidate as a puppy buyer. While I thought over, how I get rid of those prospective puppy buyers, Marilyn was standing in front of the man and looked in his eyes the whole time - until she spewed at his feet. Thereupon the man said, he is dispensed with this case - and I myself fortunately too.

In the following years Marilyn had a beautiful litter with 3 puppies. One of them - Giovanni Mozart von Monrei - had the same looks as she, and she was very fond of him; so from the first day after the birth Marilyn carried
again and again his little Giovanni into my bed or on the couch or whereever we stayed. Giovanni Mozart came to a couple to Salzburg (!) who had already get a puppy from our Beauty two years before. The sister of Giovanni - the little sweet Lady - was taken under Marilyn's wing and was treated by her very solicitous by steadily licking all over. Lady (Glady Gloria Hillary von Monrei) would surely have had a great show carrier. At that time we just had no ambitions for  exhibitions any more. Lady had been showed just few times as she was placed on top every time and got excellent jugde reports. The third - Glenn Johnny - came to a family nearby.

Marilyn's puppies
Marilyn's puppies: Glenn Johnny, Giovanni Mozart and Glady Gloria Hillary

At the few shows Marilyn participated successfully - she was Austrian Youth Champion, Austrian Champion, got several BOB's, fourth place at the World Dog Show 2000 in Milano and some more titles as second place of all breeds of FCI-group 1 at an international show.

On the contrary we spent our free time with our shelties at agility
instead of show activities at that time, and Marilyn was very interested in agility. At the start line Marilyn nearly couldn't hold back herself and she exploded ("Disruption" - her given name) virtually at the begin of running; she made nearly the whole parcour, then she sometimes saw at once the jugde and walked to him, looking at him from down to top and down while asking if he has no business being here, then she continued to run the parcour and at the end of the parcour she turned shortly before the finish line as she thought it was not enough and run the parcour back again. Of all the Monrei-Shelties Marilyn has demonstrated most expressive that agility is from that point of view not a misunderstanded ambition but rather fun of all. In such situations of course I had to stop running in the parcour and to lough about Marilyn's sketches in agility, although if any similar race ended with a disqualification. Also here Marilyn didn't fit into any pattern and that I really liked it.

Marilyn at Agility

There were many experiences in this way with Marilyn I recall with pleasure. Until the end Marilyn was a radiant beauty, a real little sunshine, even shortly before her death. Like this Marilyn went unfortunately over the rainbow brigde in the mountains of Tyrol (Austria) also at a radiant beauty day. Thank you very much, dear Marilyn, for the wonderful common time!

Marilyn and her daughter Lady
Marilyn - at age of 12 - and her daughter Lady

Marilyn - Portrait 2


Goodbye, Marilyn !

Photos taken by Döhne