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Created: 23.03.1998
Updated: 24.03.2007
Webmaster: R.Dhne

Captain Jamie mit seinem Bruder Candy
Jamie with his brother Candy

Jamie at the age of one

Jamie's children:

Jamie at the age of ten

Jamie mit seiner Mutter Belinda von Monrei
Jamie with his mother Belinda von Monrei

Jamie at the age of 13

Captain Jamie von Monrei
Jamie in may 2005

Jamie at the age of 14

Jamie with  Marilyn

Jamie in the mountains
- christmas 2006 -

Jamie with his best friend Freely


Shelties von Monrei

Captain Jamie
von Monrei

* 7.10.1992

Dame: Belinda von Monrei
Sire: Ch. Midnight Caller at  Ceirrhig

HD A, CEA- and PRA free

  A loyal friend is a strong protection,
who is in possession of that, has a great treasure

Jamie at age of 12 weeks

Jamie is now at the age of 15 and in fitness he takes after her now 17-year-old mother Belinda von Monrei. He is in best health and still very active. Jamie is still the boss of the pack. With his animal spirits yet in the old age and his superior style every day with him is a gift for us. We hope, that Jame is among us still for a long time.

Already since his childhood agility was his great passion for life.

Captain Jamie beim Agility 

2002 was the highlight in sports for Jamie: on 08.09.2002 he became Austrian State Champion of Agility in the ability group Medium Oldies - and that in the age of ten !!!

In the same year he got always the first place in SV-Trophy, at the GV State Championship of Upper Austria / Salzburg and at the concurrent GV-Cup. At the group contest of the state championship Jamie got the sixt place of 75 dogs in all from all classes, in which Border Collies and another fast agility dogs took part, too.

Photo: summer 2006

Jamie did also mate the bitch Berenika Vizovick of family Seelos from the kennel of Thoamlhof in Austria in 1997, and wonderful puppies got out of this litter. His son Dave vom Thoamlhof was showed one time in Austria  and became youth winner with V 1, and with his mother Dave won the couple class, too.

.. vom Winde verweht ..
Photo: November 2006

 .. blown by the wind ..



We hope, that we can spoil Jamie still for a long time.