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Updated: 03.03.2007
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Scarlett (li.) at age of 5 weeks with her sisters

Scarlett (left) with her sister

Scarlett with her mother an her "familiy"

Scarlett (right) at age of 5 weeks with her brother

Scarlett at arrival in Rosenheim with Annelies

.. with 12 weeks

.. in the world of puppy dreams

.. with her large friend Filou

..in the mountains, December 2006

Scarlett with her friend Lady

Scarlett and Lady:
inseparable even at sleeping

Shelties von Monrei

                      Our Shelties

Scarlett at age of 12 weeks
Dreamhill Quickstep
- Scarlett -

* 17.12.2004

Sire: Ch. Henry Amadeus von Monrei
Dame: Ona Blue vom Münzenberger Sheltiecamp

Breeder: E. u. A. Steinmann

Scarlett at age of 2 years

With Scarlett we realised our dream of a blue-merle. Scarlett moved to us at 27.02.2005 in age of 10 weeks and she exceeded all our expectations. She is not only beautiful but intelligent, too. With her vivacious manner she remembered us in some ways to our beloved Beauty, an in some thoughtless moments to our first champion bitch Arina von Monrei, whose sweet type she could combine.


Fitted out with the marvelous colour of her mother Scarlett was able to win the CACIB under the special judge for Shelties starting in the interclass at the International Dog Show in Salzburg in spring 2006 at the age of 17 months. We hope to fellow with Scarlett into the footsteps of her in the breed very successfull father  Multi-Champion Henry Amadeus von Monrei and we are looking forward to the time for that.

Scarlett with her friend Glady Gloria Hillary von Monrei - Lady -

In addition Scarlett is enriching our life daily with her boundless joie de vivre and energy in the mountains of Tyrol and in Rosenheim.

Well, if nobody want to play with me any more, then my bear has to take the rap !

Well, now I'm yet tired of this Internet presentation !
And now I must think about well, what I'm up to next.

Scarletts Vater Henry Amadeus von Monrei
Scarlett's daddy Ch.
Henry Amadeus von Monrei

Scarletts Mutter Ona Blue vom Münzenberger Sheltiecamp
Scarlett's mother
Ona Blue vom

Scarlett's grandmother
Diamond Beauty
von Monrei

Scarlett's great-grandmother
Ch. Arina von Monrei

Scarlett is raring to go:

I prefer the key to the refrigerator..

.. but perhaps you can convert that ..

.. or not ?

I really have not taste for fruit

Hooray, horray,
I have got mail ..

.. to my second birthday

There I have to look who wrote me..

That's really a nice poem and a lovely letter !

But I'd rather keep my present to me!

Thank you very much, dear Mrs. Schubart, for the lovely letter and the nice present!

Scarlett runs downhill - quicker than the wind is permitting.

Scarlett with Marilyn