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Updated: 24.03.2007
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Beauty's children

Hanky-Panky mit seinem Staubsauger
Hanky-Panky - Timmy - with a roaring hoover

Harriet und Romeo
Happy Harriet and Heartbreaker in Blue
- Romeo -: It's not early enough with tending

Harry Humphrey von Monrei - Murphy -

Vanessa und Romeo
Francesca Vanessa and Heartbreaker in Blue von Monrei

Beauty mit ihren ganz kleinen Welpen
Beauty with her 8 puppies in  2000
Beauty mit ihren 8 Kindern

Die 8 Kleinen beim Füttern
Beauty's 8 puppies at feeding

Freelancer in Black
Freelancer in Black von Monrei

Felina Virginia von Monrei
Felina Virginia von Monrei

Felina is the mother of Bingo von den Bunten Wölfen

Int., Multi-Champion Henry Amadeus von Monrei - Danny -

Danny is the sire of  Dreamhill Quickstep and of Caya aus dem 5-Seen-Land

Heartbreaker in Blue von Monrei - Romeo -
Heartbreaker in Blue von Monrei

Romeo und Murphy
Heartbreaker and Harrry Humphrey von Monrei

Iron Ivahoe von Monrei
Iron Ivanhoe von Monrei

Indian Summer
Indian Summer von Monrei

Ivory Ebony von Monrei
Ivory Ebony von Monrei -Gaya - in action

Beauty mit Jamie im Jahr 2006
Beauty with Jamie in 2006

Beauty mit 13 1/2 Jahren
Beauty at 13 years and a half

Beauty an ihrem 13. Geburtstag
Beauty at her thirteenth birthday

Standing in for all grandchildren:

Dreamhill Quickstep
 - Scarlett - , the granddaughter of  Beauty

Scarlett, die Enkelin von Beauty

Scarlett reading the    Sheltie News:

Scarlett liest die Sheltie News - 1

Scarlett liest die Sheltie News - 2

Scarlett liest die Sheltie News - 3

Scarlett liest die Sheltie News - 4

Bingo von den Bunten Wölfen

Bino von den Bunten Wölfen

Bingo with tending

Bino von den Bunten Wölfen

Beauty's granddaughter Caya aus dem 5-Seen-Land

Beautys Enkelin Caya aus dem 5-Seen-Land


Shelties von Monrei

Hommage to Beauty

  A Monrei era came to an end:

Diamond Beauty von Monrei als Welpe

Diamond Beauty von Monrei

  Champion of our hearts

25.02.1993 - 11.01.2007

Dame: Ch. Arina von Monrei
Sire: Ch. Midnight Caller at Ceirrhig

Diamond Beauty von Monrei

The moment takes
  what the years give
  and if the sun of life is setting
  the stars of keepsake are shining

Beauty's life with the Monrei-Shelties

Beauty saw the light of day at 25th February 1993. Her mother was Int. Champion Arina von Monrei and the father was Int. Champion Midnight Caller at Ceirrhig. Already in her childhood Beauty captivated with her animal spirits and intelligence. We like to remember to her funny hours in her upbringing where she again and again encouraged in a good mood the other Monreis to playing, and if the older ones preferred to take a nap, then Beauty run from one room to another, up the couch at one end or the bed at the other end (and there nearly up the wall, too), returning at once to the other end again and back - and she did it for several minutes;  at fine weather Beauty of course prepared the garden accordingly to her species, but that's what it's there for. By appropriate added sowing her master saw to it anyway that the lawn was kept in good shape for the canine summer siesta.
Beauty watched her successful mother at show business a few times, but this was nothing for her life and Beauty liked to prefer action. For example in summer times she was very fond to swim behind her master in the lake, what was accordingly to her nature.

Timmy, Hanky-Panky und Harriet
Beauty (right) with two of her children:  Hanky-Panky (left) and Happy Harriet von Monrei

Beauty proved her intelligence already in her early childhood, what at last saved her life, too: at age of one  she had an accident at a bicycle tour in a strange area that got off lightly. Unexpectedly overrunned by a VW bus of the police (!) in a gladly way that she was not hit by the wheels but escaped underneath with forward rolls, what she likely often did before, Beauty run away in a state of shock zigzag across the busy road. Because of the flashing lights of the police the traffic stopped at once, so that Beauty soon could leave the road unhurt but then disappeared into the brushwood.
Hours of search were to no avail for a while, so we did give up at the moment about three o'clock in the morning. Meanwhile Beauty managed it to swim through the Inn river under a motorway bridge after stretching for miles and then coming to a place, after passing woods and meadows, where we usually are walking daily with our dogs. It's true that we went to bed about three o'clock, but I just couldn't fall asleep. Then it has just occurred to me that I could continue searching at the place where we always are parking at daily walking. So I take off while the others were sleeping. At that place I indeed could pick up overjoyed our beloved Beauty. So Beauty had really a twice guardian angel ! How Beauty did it to find a familiar place from a very strange area and covering a longer distance is still a mystery for us - Beauty was really unique.  

Beauty was a wonderful mother and grandmother of many Monrei children. Although she had only 3 litters - with 3 different sires - all of her children were very beautiful and of regular type. She transmitted her lovely personality and intelligence to her children and grandchildren. Beauty was really a landmark in our breed and we are very glad, that she was the heart in our family for 14 nice years.

Beautys erster Wurf in 1997

Beauty's first litter in 1997
(Sire of the puppies: Ch. Rondo of Silver Shadow)

Frederic Fidelius, Francesca Vanessa, Filou the First, Francesco Fellini, Freelancer in Black und Felina Virginia
 - from left to right -

Worth mentioning are her children and grandchildren who became successful show, agility and therapy dogs and pets as well. For example her son Int. Champion Henry Amadeus von Monrei won in the champion class the first place (V1, CAC) and her grandson Bingo von den Bunten Wölfen won in the open class the first place (V1, Res. CACIB and CAC), too at the international dog show in Dortmund (D) in October 2004 and were thus very successful. Her granddaughter Dreamhill Quickstep, who lives with us, won the first place with V 1 and CACIB out from the interclass at the int. dog show in Salzburg in 2006. Another granddaughter, Caya aus dem 5-Seen-Land, won at the dog show in Dachau (D) at 16th of September 2006 V 1 and Best of Breed.

Beauty's second litter in 1999
(Sire of the puppies: Ch. Zambalo Blue vom Rindsberg)
Beautys zweiter Wurf, Team 1
Henric Hanky-Panky, Heartbreaker in Blue, Harry Humphrey

Beautys zweiter Wurf, Team 2
Happy Harriet, Halissimo Picasso, Henry Amadeus
At age of four Beauty had her first litter with 6 puppies (out of Ch. Rondo of Silver Shadow), two years later a litter with 6 puppies, too (out of Ch. Zambalo Blue vom Rindsberg). With her third litter Beauty gave us a millennium litter in the year 2000 at age of eight with 10 (!) puppies, of which 8 did survive.

Beauty's third litter in 2000

(Sire of the puppies: Vincence vom Rindsberg)

Beautys dritter Wurf im Jahr 2000
Imposing Dream, Isabella Rossini, Iron Ivanhoe, Indiana Jones, Icebreaker Johnny, 
Ivory Ebony, Indian Summer, Ireen Sarah Jane (from left)

Beautys dritter Wurf, Team 1

Beautys dritter Wurf, Team 2

Beauty will live on in her children and grandchildren and left behind many sparkling stars in this way. Beauty was really unique and she was characterizing our breed. We'll keep her in lovely keepsake deep in our heart, and we're grateful that we had such a fantastic sheltie with us.

Beauty geht ...

Real friendship shows to advantage most pleasant,
when it's getting dark all around.

Arrivederci, dear Beauty !

Beauty and JulieJulie Summer Dream in Blue von MonreiJulieJeremy Casanova von MonreiJoanne Summer Love in Blue von Monrei

Beauty's grandchildren
from left to right:
Joy Black Beauty von Monrei,
Julie Summer Dream in Blue von Monrei (3 x),
Jeremy Casanova von Monrei and
Joanne Summer Love in Blue von Monrei